Our Process


Our Pricing

We provide no-hassle pricing information via e-mail or phone conversation, based on the information you provide about your project. A photo of the space is helpful but not necessary. Referring to other projects, at either our website or any other, is a good tactic for getting accurate pricing information. Here's what we need to provide a formal price quote:


1. Overall description of the project including functional requirements like doors and drawers

2. Overall dimensions of the space

3. The finish you expect—painted or stained wood are most common

4. Your location

Materials & Construction


We use only premium grade materials in our projects. Case goods are made using hardwood plywood panels like cherry, walnut, and mahogany. Kiln-dried solid woods are used for all doors and trim. We don't use particleboard—EVER! All work is built and staged in our shop, and you are welcome to inspect the work when it is fully constructed and ready for finishing. Our construction methods rely on time-tested traditional joinery, like frame-and-panel doors with mortise-and-tenon work. But we also employ modern efficiencies like pocket screws and biscuit joinery where appropriate.



The craftsmen who build your project will install it with care. (We never sub out this crucial part of the project. ) We'll ensure that existing electrical outlets are accessible inside your new cabinetry, and that wires can be run through the cabinetry for any expected purpose. We can extend HVAC ducts into the new baseboard. If new lighting is called for, we'll take care of that too. Sometimes this will require a licensed electrician, but we'll discuss that ahead of time and use our electrician or yours. When new cabinetry is part of a larger remodeling effort, we will work closely with your contractor to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Our Design

Everything we build starts out with detailed construction drawings that you'll review before we start. We may provide a simple elevation drawing as part of the initial price quote. Depending on your location and the scope of the project, there may be a nominal charge for a design consultation that includes a preliminary drawing, but you'll know that beforehand, and you keep the drawing whether we do the project for you or not. We will gladly provide the design work for your project, and for most projects there is no added cost. We will also work with your designer, architect, or contractor.



We have an extensive library of finish samples for you to choose from. Or we will carefully match any sample you provide. If necessary we'll generate new finish samples based on your directions. Wood finishes can be clear lacquer or conversion varnish to highlight a wood's natural appearance, or it can be stained to any color value you want. Painted finishes can match your existing woodwork perfectly.



The following promise appears on every project proposal we write:

We appreciate the opportunity to provide finely crafted cabinetry and woodwork for your home. We promise it will be made and finished to a high standard consistent with the design and construction drawings, the specifications listed, and any samples provided for approval. We guarantee it will be free of any defects in materials or workmanship.